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Introducing Birthready

Birthready helps empower and enable people to create their best transition into life as a parent.

We care about your personal and profession fulfilment and success in your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

With experienced life coaching, education and birth support, a working partnership is developed through the dynamic programs we offer.

This partnership is enabled through phone contact, face to face meetings, skype, social media and easy access information and resources.

We aim to :

  • Uphold continuity of care for current and returning clients
  • Promote informed decision making in health and wellbeing for individuals, companies, expectant parents and their support networks.
  • Support the natural birth process where ever possible and reduce the need for interventions
  • Promote a healthy work/home life with balance
  • Reduce pregnancy and other related discrimination in the workplace.   
  • Be a resource and contact point for complimenting services and support.

With personal and professional support, guidance and education, women and men can grow in self confidence, build life skills, take responsibility, communicate well, develop meaningful relationships and stay healthy and well during the pregnancy to parenting continuum.


Erika Munton has been a birth worker and coach for 20 years, supporting, guiding and educating expectant parents across the pregnancy to parenting continuum.

"Expectant parents are often challenged in their efforts to balance the daily demands of their personal and professional life whilst trying to make an informed choice and be confident about normal physiological birth. There is still limited personalised support, unbiased information and evidence based care specific to the perinatal period in our culture (especially in the workplace). This led me to develop the Birthready and the Pregnancy and Parental leave wellness programs. Working together at home, in the community and in the workplace, my team help meet the personal and professional needs of individuals, employers and employees for a positive, health and satisfying transition into life as a parent".  



Lamaze certified childbirth educator          


  • Motherhood – giving birth and raising my 2 sons
  • Birth Attendant/Doula training at Santa Rosa Womens Health and Birth Centre California 1999
  • Rhea Dempsey's Birthing Wisdom's Birth Attendants Course 2001
  • Basic Childbirth Education Training Course for Health Professionals 2003 (National Association of Childbirth Educators)
  • Hypnobirthing workshop – 3 days with Denise Love Nov 2004
  • Qualified Life Coach – Cert IV 2006 at Life Coach Institute Australia
  • National coordinator and group facilitator of BaBs - Birthing and Babies Suppot groups 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Accredited N.A.C.E Childbirth Educator 2008
  • Qualified N.L.P practitioner - With James Tsakalos 2009
  • Birthwork Part 1 - Creative ways of making space for the baby - 3 day workshop Nov 2009
  • NLP Master practitioner training with James Tsakalos 2012
  • Birthing with Hypnosis training for doulas - Open to Life (Anna Urbanski) May 2011
  • 'What about Dads' NACE workshop June 2011
  • Birthwork Part 2 - Creative ways of making space for the baby - Jenny Blyth and Fiona Hallinan - Nov 2011
  • PANDA Professional development program - Parenthood as a grief and loss experience July 2013
  • VBAC and Breech births with Maggie Banks 2013
  • OP (occiput posterior) and BAC (Birth after caesarean) study day with Lynne Staff 2014
  • Ongoing regular attendance at professional development conferences and workshops
  • Teaching at The academy of hypnotic science (Diploma of Hypnotherapy to aid pregnancy and childbirth) 
  • Advanced diploma of group facilitation 2015
  • Cert 4 in hypnotherapy 2015 
  • Lamaze certified Childbirth educator 2017

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