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What is 'active birthing and informed choice'?

The philosophy of my service embraces the concepts of Active Birthing and Informed Choice, in which the woman is the central participant in her birth experience.

My approach is one of skill development and resourcing, to increase your self-reliance and confidence during birth and early parenting. I believe that you already have within you what you need to birth your baby safely and to your profound satisfaction. It is my honour to work with you to build on these strengths and support you to connect with this powerful aspect of yourself.

What is an Active Birth?

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An Active Birth is a birth during which YOU are the central participant in your birth experience. You are supported by your caregiver to make informed choices about your care and to take responsibility for those choices.

During an active physiological birth, the woman is able to choose her own positions, favouring upright supported positions during active labour to maximise the effects of gravity and her body’s birthing potential. She is able to remain mobile, free to change her position when she feels the need or when she is no longer able to relax or progress in her current position.

During an active caesarean birth, the woman is supported to make informed choices about her care during and after the operation, maintaining her participation in the birth process.


What is an Informed Choice? 

  • A woman is able to make an informed choice about her care during and after birth, when her caregiver:
  • Provides her with accurate information which is based on an evidence based practice;
  • Details and outlines specific choice points
  • Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different procedures
  • Presents information about potential risks in a sensitive and non-threatening manner;
  • Checks that the information given has been understood
  • Allows enough time for the woman and her partner to consider the information given
  • And then, provides emotional support to the parents regardless of the decision made.

In crisis situations, where caregivers are required to make decisions based on information which is unavailable to the parents, responsibility is delegated to the medical attendants

Parenthood is life’s greatest adventure, it is my honour to share with you the beginning of your journey.


This is what previous Active birth workshop participants say about their experiences:

"I now feel empowered, excited and in awe of the process".  Lucille - first time mum to be.

"I found the workshop incredibly informative and empowering.  I feel much less anxious about the birth and have more confidence in my body's ability to birth naturally, and with minimal, if any, intervention".  First time mum to be.

"My confidence to 'B.R.A.I.N' a situation to help my wife and baby has sky-rocketed.  Thank you!" Craig - first time dad to be.


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