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hypnosis in labourHow does hypnosis / calm birthing relate to pregnancy, birth and beyond?

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Finding a way to reframe 'pain' in labour and feel more in control of one's experience has drawn many women and man to explore hypnotherapy techniques for birth preparation.  I have been witness to so many births where a woman, capable of dropping quickly and easily into a deep state of relaxation, can significantly effect her birthing experience and memory in a positive and empowering way.  The partners feel more confident and sure of how to help.

Facing your fears and creating positive change now through hypnotherapy builds your life skills.  It boosts your courage, confidence and creativity for better birthing and beyond.  It helps you manage and enjoy the day to day demands of life during your significant time of change.  


Here are several factors why an hypnotic state can influence a woman in labour and birth in such a profound way:

Hormone helper:  Being in trance is a way to better release the natural hormones that drive your labour on to birthing your baby.   Oxytocin and endorphins are your friends and you want as much of them as you can.   They make your uterus contract with greater ease.  They send messages to the brain saying that what you are feeling is a natural, healthy response not a pain problem response.  You can perceive the sensations of contractions with open curiosity.  Rather than calling it pain you may call it intense/orgasmic/empowering.  

Time warping and non-judgment:  It inhibits your ability to judge time and judge your experience, taking you to a place of accepting what ‘is’ in that moment.  Being in the power of now optimises your energy levels so when you are in a rest time you rest.  When you are at the start of the contraction you are pacing your breath to help you ride over the wave with a calm and rhythmic energy.  When you pass the peak of the contraction you are letting go, rather than anticipate pain, tense up and then feel more pain!

Peak body performance:  Trance is also a deep state of relaxation.  When you relax into trance you oxygenate your body better.  This in turn improves your circulation taking the goodness in your breath to your baby and to your muscles, tissues, fibres etc.  When everything is well oxygenated they function better.  Babies cope with stress better.  Muscles are more elastic and toned enabling them to make more space in your pelvis.  They move smoothly in cooperation with each other, rather than have resistance.   We also have increased vasal dilation causing better blood flow when well oxygenated. It makes for less pain and every contraction can be used as efficiently as is possible by your body.  

Activating instincts:  It allows all of your internal resources to be useful and helpful.  You may sense within you the women who have birthed across the ages, the positive stories you hold in your body, your own success stories and your primal instincts as a woman.  So the sounds you make and the positions you adopt all work together instinctively to help your baby be born more easily.

Internal focus:  Being in trance also helps you let go of the stimulation in the environment around you.  Or if something or someone distracts you out of trance you will be better equipped to drop straight back in again. 

Can you see yourself feeling all that..doing all that...being all that? Imagine it now.  Can you think of other ways that birthing with hypnosis and being in trance can help you in pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond? 

Call now and let's discover how to create your best transition in life as a parent.  


I birthed my baby at home, in calmness and joy, without fear. The preparation I did before birth gave me energy and strength, and helped me to relax (an effect that lingers: I listened to the partner touch track so many times that I just imagine your voice saying “close your eyes, and start to relax…”, and I feel an instant wave of relaxation wash through me. It’s quite remarkable.

If you are curious to explore this more fully please contact us or go to the Birthready with hypnosis program for more information 

Just as a personal trainer teaches a client how to improve peak body performance, we guide you in learning self-relaxation, help work through limitations, take you through the exercises and equip you to use these skills for better birthing and beyond.  

The British journal of anesthesia offers an interesting read on the subject - Hypnosis for pain relief in labour and childbirth: a systematic review