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Congratulations on your pregnancy.  What an amazing time of change you are in!  I know there can be a lot of strong emotions felt during pregnancy, and they are not always easy to manage.  Fear, stress and anxiety are common.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  Many women and their partners have positive and empowering births through actively participating during their pregnancy to be birth ready.  

So how do you deal with all the choices and challenges you are facing? How do you go about making an informed choice?  How do you create the best birth team to support you through?  How do you become ready for birth and beyond?  

As a starting point a one-on-one coaching session can make all the difference.  Face to face, phone or video chat.

Birthready support can make all the different to shift you from fear to confidence, from stressed to calm, from overwhelm to organised, from alone to connected and much more.  We offer support, guidance, education and tools to help you transition with more confidence from pregnancy to parenting.


Here are Birthready's most popular support services:  


1 Birthready active birth workshop - Be informed, prepared and confident for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Create a great birth team!;

2 Doula/labour support - Have a skilled and caring woman by your side in labour.

3 Hypnobirthing - Understand and use practices in deep relaxation, mindfulness, breath work, movement and partner connection for empowered birthing.

4 Beer + bubs - Send your man to the pub to learn how he can best support his partner in childbirth.



Coaching from pregnancy to parenting

 pregnancy counsellingHow we work together through pregnancy, birth and parenting can make a positive difference in your world:

  • Get continuity of care from someone that comes to know you well during the perinatal period
  • Talk through your hopes and dreams for motherhood
  • Look at where you are now in relation to achieving this and how to make it happen
  • Understand your health care options and how to make an informed choice
  • Keep you on track with your birthing preparation (physical, emotional, practical etc)
  • Deal with your fears and concerns that stop you from getting what you want
  • Activate all your awesomeness, in mind, body and spirit
  • Improve communication with your partner, family, employer, care provider etc
  • Check that you are in balance with other important aspects of your life -personally and professionally
  • Get more information about maternity and parenting services relevant to you


To find out more information or to book a consultation please Contact us


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time & wisdom last night. It was extremely beneficial to have you here.  In particular while I had done lots of thinking I hadn't done much talking with George, and post our discussion last night I feel so encouraged to know that George really understands how I am feeling and likewise I also understand far better how he is thinking. I feel that he will be a strong support now that we are on the same page - an invaluable feeling.  

Today I also had an open conversation with my ob re balancing risk, and his role in helping.  I'm pleased to know that he also understands my thoughts & wishes, and is supportive.  Thanks again, so much.

Danielle and George