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Antenatal Classes

Birthready workshops are designed to inspire, empower, educate and enable you to create your BEST POSSIBLE BIRTH and BEYOND!!!

Birthready runs several workshops:

birth plan

  • 2 day workshop:  2 Saturdays consecutively or a weekend
  • VBAC - Vaginal birthing after caesaean 2 hr session
  • Birth skills - hands on practices for pain relief and partner support strategies


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You will be contacted with further details. The workshops will usually be limited to 10 women and their partners/support people.


You will leave these workshops with a deep trust in your body and baby’s ability to birth with confidence, support and satisfaction. As a healthy woman experiencing a normal pregnancy you have more than an 80% capacity to achieve a normal birth. These workshops will show you how to make the most of this enormous potential. You will know exactly how to support your body’s process and work with whatever the journey brings to you.

The content of these workshops brings all the theory you have read in books, internet and other place to consolidate it into a rich understanding of the birthing process.  It goes beyond what is included in hospital antenatel classes because they are independent, based in evidence and the stories of real experiences!  Erika facilitates the workshop through innovative teaching strategies; it is an interactive, engaging, informative and educational process: a time of significant personal growth and change.  

We will combine group activities, games, discussion, practical exercises, role play, videos and written materials to bring you an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience.

At the 2 day Birthready active birthing workshop we will explore:birth preparation for couples

Day 1:

  • Learn about the stages of a normal labour, what it's really like and how women respond to it.
  • Explore your feelings about birth, their impact on labour and how to remove fear.
  • Practice wonderful self-help techniques which enhance the experience of birth and shorten the length of labour including: relaxation, breathing, hypnosis, positioning, movement, vocalisation and more.
  • Powerful partner support strategies, deepening connection and intimacy as a couple, increasing feelings of safetly and trust to enable you to better work with your labour; including observation, massage, touch, breathing, hypnosis thoery, how to encourage her, practical needs and more.
  • What your maternity care options are and how to make an informed choice with effective decision making tools.  
  • How to communicate confidently and respectfully within your birth team to achieve your goals for the birth.
  • Explore how you can minimise unnecessary interventions during labour and birth including reducing the risk of tearing or requiring an episiotomy.
  • How one can be positive, active and engaged if interventions, drugs for pain relief or caesarean section become necessary and how to process the changes from the fantasy birth you had in mind.  

Day 2:newborn care

  • The first hour after birth - the euphoria, the significance of your options.
  • When things dont go according to plan: Current intervention statistics and what to consider with a caesarean birth.  
  • Birth self-attachment and introduction to successful breastfeeding 
  • How to care and nurture your baby - crying/settling, sleep, communication and bonding
  • Looking after YOU - post natal health care, strengthening the relationship with your partner, postnatal support plan
  • What life after birth is really like - including physical, social and lifestyle changes


At the 1/2 day Birth after Caesarean (BAC) workshop we will explore:

pain relief for labour

  • Is VBAC safe?
  • What does good VBAC support look like and how do I get it?
  • What are my BAC options?
  • How do I get clarity and support in my decision making process?
  • How can I work best with my labour?
  • How can I be better for my ongoing parenting journey?

This workshop will help you feel more powerful within yourself, have special time with your partner and offer you practical tools to help you relax and work effectively with your labour. This workshop can truly make a positive difference in your birthing journey.


You can build these life skills into daily practice and develop the character traits that enhance your birthing and parenting potential.  Be  instinctive, willing, open and confident to do birth your way!


This is what participants from previous workshops had to say about their experience:

“Fabulous! We’d done the hospital one so had a bit of knowledge in theory, but this was far more practical.” K & G, First-time parents-to-be

“I found the entire experience eye-opening. I never knew we had so much choice.’ D & O McDonald, First-time parents

“Extreemly empowering, reasuring and confidence boosting.  It brought a wonderful aspect of us as a birth team to me and my partner". Gabrielle and Will  

"Very positive experience. Feel empowered after this workshop. This is a workshop that focuses on positive attitudes instead of fears. Balanced and documented analysis of all options. Excellent overall. Thank you!” First-time Dad-to-Be

“I loved the relaxed atmosphere and open discussion.”

"I enjoyed the waterbirth videos, the discussion around labour stages, and options for birthing.  I only wish there was more time to learn even more!! I feel confident and calm about birth and am empowered about my options". AN

"It was a very good pace and you delivered it in a calm way that inspired confidence". RN  

‘The russian waterbirth video was amazing, she was majestic - it is very inspiring for me to see these possibilities and the reality of it.”

“Your wealth of knowledge and positive attitude were fabulous. Very glad we did this!!” Ann-Marie Horsley

“I certainly feel more confident and I really enjoyed the format of the workshop. I think you did well to facilitate discussion of all approaches not just non-interventionist. Thank you.” First-time dad-to-be

A Birthready participant shares her natural hospital water birth story:

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you all our special news :) We are now the proud parents of a our little boy Felix - looks like we did the class just in time as little Felix arrived on Saturday 17th of May! We had an amazing birthing experience at Birralee in Box Hill. We had written up our birth plan but the midwife assigned to us on the day, Donna, was totally on the same page and we didn’t even need to go through it. Unsurprisingly, labour was nothing like what i expected, but in a good way and I wanted to share a positive birth story with you as you guys are all preparing for your own little ones’ arrivals.

I had signs of impending labour from the monday after the class and was a little worried Kris wasn’t going to make it in time! Thankfully he did and we had a wonderful session with Erika on the Thursday where she showed Kris the same massage techniques that we went through in class as well as talking through ways to support me during labour. Early on Saturday morning i started having irregular contractions and was passing a bit of blood. We rang Birralee and they advised us to come in and found that i was already 2cm dilated but the doctor went ahead and ruptured my waters without any real consultation with me! This is when we met Donna who informed us that the doctors wanted to start me on syntocinon to kick start labour but while she couldn’t tell me not to do it, she could “tell them that i didn’t want to do it”, I knew then we were going to get along - i can see now how easy it would be to get swept along with the medical interventions and how important it really was to have people around who supported our decisions to birth naturally!

Thankfully while the doctor was in consulting with me, labour really started kicking on. I used a swiss ball to lean on to relieve my back and to keep my pelvis open and active - it was pretty much my favourite thing for most of the morning! Hot showers were also amazingly helpful but one of the most important techniques for me was having Kris give me hip squeezes at the real peak of my contractions - it was so so so helpful and really felt like we were labouring together. I did most of the labour on my side in the bed and really rested between contractions - it really helped get into the the ‘zone’ of labour and allowed me to focus on breathing and just let my body do what it needed to do.

Erika arrived in the morning and it was great to have another amazingly supportive person in the room with us. Luckily for us, Donna the midwife was qualified to do water births and when labour became intense, we moved to a lovely big bath in the next room. This is when birthing ’surges’ started happening - i wouldn’t call it an urge to push, but rather that my body was surging my baby gently where it needed to go. All of these techniques are things we covered in the workshop and I found they made a big difference to me during labour - i never once thought “i need pain relief” and Felix was born totally gently and drug free after not quite 6 hours of labour and no stitches required. Your body is amazing and knows exactly what to do, just relax and let it happen! Here’s a couple of snaps of our new little man. Good luck everyone!

Siobhán, Kris & Felix

Step up into greater responsiblily of your health care.  After all its your body, your baby and you are going to live with the experience. You reap the rewards for the effort you make!  This process grows your confidence to trust yourself more and know yourself better so that your transition into life as a parent is the best it can be.

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