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Paternal depression

Did you know that 1 in 10 men will experience depression during the ante and post natal period.  This is alarming and as a community we could do more to care about them!

supporting dads

Work with my clients has shown me that men often don't have enough:

  • access to support emotionally to process their thoughts and feelings
  • regular contact with health carers who may pick up a change in mood and function
  • social situations where they can talk about it, problem solve, normalise
  • time off to recharge 
  • ways to gain the necessary tools to manage
  • support at work to help balance the extra demands on them at home 

With depression often increasing between 6weeks and 6 months after birth, and lasting longer than a year, it's very important to seek help if you notice that you are not feeling ok.  Start now by taking good care of yourself and communicating with loved ones (or a professional) about what's going on for you.  There are other factors that influence having depression and overcoming it.  When we shed light on it and demystify it, there is a positive way through to better health.   

List of resources to support dads


Alongside other health care professionals, Birthready offers coaching, support and guidance to support partners, and helping you make positive change in your life.   

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