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Make a positive difference to your pregnancy and birth experience

What's better about hiring Erika and the Birthready doula team? 

Not only does 20 years of birth experience count for something, but many studies confirm that having a trained doula helps birth be a more positive experience for women and their partner:

post natal support Birth Works

  • Greater maternal satisfaction
  • Increased sense of wellbeing and control
  • Fewer medical interventions
  • Increased vaginal birth after caesarean success (VBAC)
  • Shorter labours
  • More confident and supportive partners
  • Better mother-infant interaction
  • Increased success in breastfeeding
  • Decreased postpartum depression


Testimonials and feedback from Erika's clients

Cochrane review: Continuous support for women during childbirth


 Erika personal doula client outcomes from 2009-2016 are:

  • 80% of all labouring women gave birth without narcotics or epidural
  • 12% epidural rate versus 32.2% nationally
  • 17% gas rate versus 50% nationally
  • 65% unassisted vaginal births versus 56.8% nationally
  • 16% unplanned caesarean births versus 31.5% nationall
  • 4% planned caesarean births
  • 75% Vaginal birth after caesarean 
  • 12% assisted vaginal births versus 12% nationally

National statistics: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australia's mothers and babies 2009.  

With the Birthready doula team as your back up, have the peace of mind that you'll have a great doula by your side.  It's cheaper than a holiday and probably the most significant life experience you'll ever have!  A doula is worth your effort to invest in.  

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We felt comfortable immediately after meeting Erika, she has a great sense of humour and is passionate about her role as Doula.  On the day she was nothing short of miraculous, she spent as much time on her knees as I did birthing our son!!!

Having her there helped me concentrate and focus on birthing our son. Her instructions and words of support and encouragement were exactly what I needed, I felt totally safe and secure in her hands, always feeling supported and Erika knew what I needed without me asking. For my partner she was an angel. He knew he could help me through if we didn’t have a doula but when she arrived he was so relieved and could then relax and enjoy the birth experience with me. She guided him beautifully in ways to help me like massaging exactly as I needed through my contractions.

We were so thrilled that Erika could share our experience, she was supporting, loving, unobtrusive and held the space for us perfectly. We plan on having another child and we will definitely be calling on Erika to help us through again.

Kerry and Anthony