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Have you had a caesarean and are thinking about how you might best experience your next birth?

In Victoria your chance of achieving a VBAC is between 33% - 88% according to the latest Victorian Birth Report. That's a huge variation and there are a few key influencing factors: Where you birth, what model of care you birth in, your personal birth preparation, your health and the forces of nature.

Because working through your past birth experiences and exploring your birthing options in the future can stir your emotions, it is important to feel respected, listened to and safe in the person you chose to help you process this.

At Birthready, there is a special relationship that is nurtured during the birth and parenting preparation work we do together. Whether that be through individual sessions, peer support groups or workshops.  You will gain better knowledge, skills, confidence and support in this safe and caring environment and feel even more able to navigate your next birthing experience. 


Services for VBAC

  • Have a consultation to go through a VBAC birth toolkit for emotional, physical and practical preparation
  • Have a doula in labour.  See below and the doula page for more information
  • Attend the  VBAC workshop

For clients wishing to explore their VBAC options, I add extra content and time to allow for: 

  • Debriefing from prior births
  • Knowing your VBAC options and making informed choices
  • Working through a VBAC preparation check list
  • Creating a VBAC birth plan with mind and body preparation
  • Addressing any fears and concerns
  • Bringing active and experienced support to your labour and birth


I was so determined to birth my baby naturally so I knew I had to do my research and get outside support that wasn't affiliated with the hospital. I had heard of doulas but didn't know much about them. It soon became very clear that I made the right choice in hiring a doula (Erika :-) ) as she was there for Mark and I and supported our wishes. My determination to succeed only grew stronger as my pregnancy progressed and I never lost the mental strength to believe in my own body's capabilities, despite hospital scare tactics being thrown at me as my due date was getting closer. I surprised myself and managed to stay relatively calm throughout the end of my pregnancy and beginning of labour. I knew I had a good support system and all of my wishes were written down so this enabled me to focus purely on the most important job of all - bringing my baby into this world in a natural and joyful way, a way that all women deserve the right to experience, regardless of how their previous birth went.

And you know what? I did it!!! Every now and then I think back in amazement and I feel quietly proud of my achievement. I want to do it again!!! That's nature's way I know, but wow, I can birth my own baby and it was so incredibly beautiful. She's my perfect little angel!’!




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Although I didn't get to have a vaginal birth with my first baby I am very grateful that I got the help I needed to bring our baby safely into the world, after a labour I'm proud of and very grateful for. Erika, you helped me stay calm, feel nurtured and helped me maintain my stamina by guiding me to come out of the contractions and slow my breathing down. I'll look out for your VBAC workshops for next time around!