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Get birth fit: know your pelvic space and create a healthier, easier and happier birthing experience.

  • Are you curious to explore your birthing potential and discover how you can make labour easier? 
  • Do you want to have an attentive and skilled partner to support you?
  • Would you like to feel more confident/calm and practice birth skills? 

It's your body and your baby. You live with the experience of the births of your children. Doesn't it make sense that you know yourself inside out as much as possible? It is so exciting and so empowering to have that aha moment and realize that you can influence how your body will work with your baby to help him/her be born.  With so many women busy at work until the last few weeks of pregnancy, now is the time to do this Bodywork. It is essential to help bring you focus, time and energy to what's really going to make a difference in your labour.

Bodywork guides a pregnant woman and her partner to: trust their intuition, learn, explore and experience her body's capacity to prepare it for birthing. This helps increase confidence, willingness and the ability to work in cooperation with the labour and life beyond.  


Here are some simple exercises you can do to get started.:

  • Notice how you move your body in day to day life. Are you stiff, flexible or somewhere in between?  Start dancing, swinging your hips, move with a feminine flow when you feel free to do so.  At home is usually the most private.  You could take advantage of turning on some tunes and dancing in your kitchen as you make dinner tonight.  Stretching, squatting and circling your hips is particularly good to help open your pelvis.  
  • Notice how different environments change the way we express ourselves.  What can you do to create an environment that lets you express yourself freely and uninhibited?
  • Relax your jaw and throat and play with the sounds you can make.  A relaxed jaw and throat make a relaxed bottom.  Try sounds like aaaah, ooouuuut, mmmmm, yeeeeeessss.  Notice the difference that tensing your jaw and throat makes to these sounds.  Let your breath out gently, then more forcefully, but stay relaxed.  Notice how the rest of your body responds to this.  
  • With your partner you can become more intuitive to each others by being more present.  A way to do this is to extend your hugs and cuddles by noticing each others breath and gently aim to match it.  There's nothing right or wrong about how to do this, just give it a go and notice what you feel.


We know from hands on experience that his makes a signifcant difference to your birth experience.  

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