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Program information

Birthready offers engaging and successful programs that are evidence based and reflects peoples experiences through the pregnancy to parenting continuum.

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Birthready active birth workshop - Learn about natural birthing and feel prepared and confident for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Doula/labour support - Have a skilled woman by your side in labour for pain relief, advocacy, partner support, informed choices, support and guidance (private sessions)

VBAC workshop - Invaluable to families to help optimise a positive birth after a prior caesarean.

Know your options - Be savvy about how to navigate today’s birth culture, understand what influences the birth outcome, learn to make informed choices and create a birth plan to help you achieve your best birth possible.

Bodywork and pain relief - Birth easier with a toolbag of techniques for pain relief and partner support strategies. Learn hands on skills to work with the natural birth process.

Birthing with hypnosis - Weave hypnosis theory and practice into your birth preparation to optimise the natural birth process (private sessions)

Peer learning and support circle - Birthready helps facitliate an evening of open discussion and peer learning for expectant and new parents.  

Parental leave wellness - Coaching and guidance for expectant women/men in the workforce, from pregnancy to parental leave, and their return to work (private sessions)


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