Active Birth Workshop


Welcome to the Active Birthing Workshop! This exciting 2 Day workshop is designed to dispell myths and remove fear, build skills and expand understanding in order to support you to achieve the BEST POSSIBLE BIRTH!!

Register Here and Victoria will contact you with further details. The workshop will be limited to 13 women and their partners/support people, so book now to avoid disappointment.

The content of this workshop is rarely included in hospital antenatel classes! Together we will cover everything from how to partner with your midwife / obstetrician to secure individualised care, through to exploring which birthing positions will reduce your risk of tearing. Victoria facilitates the workshop through innovative teaching strategies; there will be lots of opportunity to interact with and learn from other participants as well as presentations by new parents who have done the workshop and brought their babies joyfully into the world.

You will leave this 2 Day workshop with a deep trust in your body and baby’s ability to birth with dignity and satisfaction. As a healthy woman experiencing a normal pregnancy you have more than an 80% capacity to achieve a normal birth. This workshop will show you how to make the most of this enormous potential. You will know exactly how to support your body’s process and work with whatever the journey brings to you.

We will combine group activities, games, discussion, practical exercises, role play, videos and written materials to bring you an inspiring and enjoyable learning experience.

At the Active Birth Workshop we will explore:

  • What normal labour is really like and how you might respond to it.
  • Feelings about birth, their impact on labour and how to remove fear.
  • Wonderful self-help techniques which enhance the experience of birth and shorten the length of labour including, breathing, positioning, movement, vocalisation and more.
  • How to achieve deep and focused relaxation throughout the birth process, resulting in a shorter, more comfortable labour.
  • Powerful partner support strategies which bring you closer together as a couple, increasing feelings of safety and trust and enable you to better work with the pain. including: observation, massage and touch, breathing, heat/cold therapy and more.
  • How to use decision making tools which will enable you to partner with you midwife or doctor to achieve your goals for the birth.
  • Reducing the risk of unnecessary interventions during labour and birth including reducing the risk of tearing or requiring an episiotomy
  • How to remain active if interventions and drugs for pain relief become necessary.
    Early Parenting

  • The first hour after birth - the euphoria, the significance and your options.
  • Birth self-attachment and successful breastfeeding
  • What life after birth is really like - including physical, social and lifestyle changes
  • Babycare and baby nurturing - settling, sleep and communication
  • Looking after YOU - strengthening your relationship, postnatal support plans
This is what participants from previous workshops had to say about their experience:

“Fabulous! We’d done the hospital one so had a bit of knowledge in theory, but this was far more practical.” K & G, First-time parents-to-be

“I found the entire experience eye-opening. I never knew we had so much choice.’ D & O McDonald, First-time parents

“Very positive experience. Feel empowered after this workshop. This is a workshop that focuses on positive attitudes instead of fears. Balanced and documented analysis of all options. Excellent overall. Thank you!” First-time Dad-to-Be

“I loved the relaxed atmosphere and open discussion.”

“I love being part of a group discussing birth. There are things other people offer that do not occur to me. I wish I’d attended before our first birth.” Katie Woods

‘The russian waterbirth video was amazing, she was majestic - it is very inspiring for me to see these possibilities and the reality of it.”

“Your wealth of knowledge and positive attitude were fabulous. Very glad we did this!!” Ann-Marie Horsley

“I certainly feel more confident and I really enjoyed the format of the workshop. I think you did well to facilitate discussion of all approaches not just non-interventionist. Thank you.” First-time dad-to-be

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