Doula Birth and Postnatal Support

What is a Birth Doula or Postnatal Doula?

A professional birth attendant or doula is a non-medical labour assistant, who provides continuous physical and emotional support to the birthing woman and her partner throughout labour and birth and in the postnatal period. Victoria Marshall-Cerins is a qualified and experienced birth and postnatal doula, who has been attending birthing women through the passage into motherhood for the past eight years.

A doula offers the one-to-one continuous care that the hospital staff team may be unable to provide. Victoria offers support and comfort to the mother and her partner during labour and birth; she works to facilitate effective communication between the birthing couple and their midwife/doctor; and aims to preserve a peaceful and respectful birthing space within which the woman can respond instinctively to the needs of her body and birth her baby with dignity and profound satisfaction.

“Your wisdom, guidance, patience and sense of calm led us through a beautiful pregnancy and eventually a rewarding birth. You will always hold a special place in our lives and memories. Thank you so much for all you’ve given.”
Sue, Mont Albert North

Victoria is able to offer a wide range of self-help ideas and partner support techniques for improving comfort and managing pain during labour and to increase the efficiency and safety of the birth process.

A doula also offers unconditional emotional support during labour and birth. Victoria can support you to get complete and unbiased information about recommended interventions from your midwife/doctor, in order to make an informed decisions about your care. Victoria will fully support your informed choices. It is a doula’s role to support you to achieve YOUR goals for birth, and to experience the best birth possible for YOU and your baby.

“I wanted to particularly thank you for your company and for staying after my baby and husband had to go to the nursery. I appreciate it had been a long and exhausting day for you, so thank you for extending yourself in this way. I can’t express in words what a fantastic birth experience I had and how much a part of that you contributed to. You provide a wonderful service.”
Alison, Blackburn South

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