Doula Birth and Postnatal Support

What Service Does Victoria Provide?

Birth doula service includes:

  • meeting before the birth to discuss your birth preferences or provide support to develop a birth plan.
  • access to books, videos and other resources on birth, breastfeeding and early parenting.
  • being on-call for you 24 hours a day, from the beginning of the 38th week and until you go into labour.
  • remaining with you once labour has begun and until after your baby is born.
  • using non-medical comfort techniques for labour and birth including massage, breathwork, heat/cold therapy, hydrotherapy, positioning, guided visualization and enhancing privacy.
  • facilitating effective communication between you and your midwife/doctor.
  • documenting your labour and birth through a written birth log, photography or video as desired.
  • free postnatal consultation to discus the birth and provide your with support around early parenting issues.

Postnatal Doula service includes:

  • Meeting before the birth (ideal) to discuss your anticipated needs and how to prepare your home to facilitate your baby’s orientation to the world and optimal development.
  • access to books, videos and other resources on breastfeeding, early parenting and Montessori in the home.
  • being available for you by appointment, from the birth of your baby onwards to provide support as you make the transition to your new life as a parent, including:
    - managing the lifestyle transition;
    - settling and sleep issues;
    - breastfeeding support;
    - promoting your baby’s acquisition of movement, language and independence with each new stage of development.

“A lot of what you did was beyond our expectations. We have come away from the experience as a whole feeling very happy and positive about all that happened and about parenting.”
Melissa, Forest Hill

If Victoria is unavailable for your due date, Birthready Doula Erika Munton may be available and will contact you directly.

About Erika

I am a mother of 2 lively boys, a qualified doula and life coach, group facilitator and co-ordinator of BaBs-Birthing and Babies Support group. I have attended births in Australia and U.S.A for over 10 years.


With my partner of 19yrs I have travelled and worked abroad, owner built our strawbale home in Ringwood and home educate our boys.

I am flexible, open minded and aware of how different we all are, yet bonded by the common thread of our humanity. I believe in the support we can offer each other through our sharing of life's journey.

“”Dear Erika, thank you so much for being at the birth of Sophia. Your supprt both before labour and during the birth itself was invaluable to me. I remember clearly that in the days before I went into labour my anxiety level would drop dramatically after I spoke on the telephone with you! I also remember during the birth you told me I was doing well at one point when I was feeling unsure - Thank you!” Eleanor

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